Feb 20, 2020

Solved: Certificate after attendance of event - Constant Thinking about this a bit more, you may be best off creating a contact list of your attendees, and including the topic name that they attended (and any other necessary information) as custom fields.Then, you can create an email within Email Marketing (I recommend one of these themes: Events - Elegant, Feedback Basic or Save the Date).That would allow you to send one email campaign out to the php - cURL error 60: SSL certificate in Laravel 5.4 Solution suggested by some users to make changes to \vendor\guzzlehttp\guzzle\src\Client.php file is the worst advice, as manual changes made to vendor folder are overwritten if you run composer update command.; Solution suggested by Jeffrey is a dirty, shorthand fix but not recommended in production applications.; Solution suggested by kjdion84 is perfect if you have access to php.ini file on [SOLVED] Server Certificate Alert for Outlook 2016 and Mar 23, 2017 Ignoring SSL Certificate Errors On .NET Core On HttpClient

Users should first try using the FBCA Cross-Certificate Remover 1.17 below to remove certificates which cause the cross-certificate chaining issue for DoD users. Instructions on how to use the file is outlined in the FBCA Cross-Certificate Remover 1.15 User Guide below.

security - Constant Errors on SQL server, Event ID 28005 Oct 12, 2012 7 Common Errors to Avoid when Archiving Data

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