If you want to remove your search history for privacy or security reasons, access the Web History area of your Google account page, where you have the option to delete specific entries or the entire search history. Don't forget to also delete your Web browser's history, as it stores certain pieces of form data.

Delete Searches: click on Search History, then select Remove items (left menu) and either select items you want cleared (left menu), then click Remove (right of Google logo). To clear your entire Search History, select Clear entire Search History (right of Google logo). Note: you can also pause searches. Pausing temporarily stop searches from Here’s how you can see and delete your entire Google Apr 25, 2015 How to remove the history in recently used devices in Hey There, Here are the steps to remove a device from a Google account: 1. Login to your Google account 2. Go to Sign-in & security 3. Go to Device activity & notifications 4. Find "REVIEW DEVICES" under Recently used devices 5. Find the device yo

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