Most anything with two network interfaces will work. I have a cheap consumer router with OpenWRT on it now. Had an old HP Pavilion 700MHz desktop with Zeroshell before that. Installation difficulty varies just like any other Linux distro. It helps to understand TCP/IP, DHCP, and DNS but most router distros have reasonable defaults.

The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch | Ars Technica. This guy spent $300 to build his own router and it performs better than a $89 Linksys and an overpriced $249 Netgear with Oct 28, 2018 · I work in a public library as a system administrator. Recently my task was to put public computers behind a separate router in order to control internet access. As I have plenty of computer parts lying around I decided to build a router with some older computer with a Linux operating system. In my case Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver). Apr 14, 2020 · Linux distros usually come with a free like ClearOS build a firewall directly into the operating system as part of its security focus, but most other options would be applications that aim to Numbers don’t lie—it’s time to build your own router I have quite a bit of experience finessing iptables and the Linux kernel itself for high throughput at Internet scale, and the fewer Apr 17, 2018 · After finally reaching the tipping point with off-the-shelf solutions that can’t match increasing speeds available, we recently took the plunge. Building a homebrew router turned out to be a better proposition than we could’ve ever imagined. With nearly any speed metric we analyzed, our little DIY kit outpaced routers whether they were of the $90- or $250-variety. … Router is an expensive device. Configuring it is also a complex task. Not every network, especially the small and home office network, can afford it. Linux provides a zero-cost solution for the IP forwarding. If you have a Linux system in your network, you can use it for the IP forwarding.

How to build Linux Router with Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

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May 05, 2019 · Best Linux/BSD Router distribution in 2019 (4 recommendations) To choose the best Operating System for routers we have set a few basic guidelines. All systems not compatible with these guidelines have been rejected. Basic requirements for choosing Firewall Operating System. The system must be actively maintained, and regularly receive security

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