Aug 27, 2013

Jan 07, 2016 IHS Remote Access - VPN | Indian Health Service (IHS) All current VPN users will be sent an initial announcement of the activities scheduled for their Area and then an individual announcement on when to begin to utilize it and how to connect to and use the new enhanced VPN system. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, lets employees access the IHS computer network from anywhere in the United States. VPN Group policy preferences | LAN-Tech Network Management

“Zero logs” VPN exposes millions of logs including user

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access & Usage Policy VPN users may be disconnected after 30 minutes of inactivity. Stay-alive network processes are not allowed. All computers using the VPN must be properly configured in order to comply with all Truman IT policies. Only the Truman-approved VPN client may be used. VPN … VPN Policy Template - National Cybersecurity Society

VPN service is granted to students only under the sponsorship of Faculty or Staff. Policy. Users and machines connected to the VPN must abide by all policies of the College including, but not limited to, the Computing and Networks Appropriate Use Policy and the Data Stewardship Policy.

Jul 15, 2020 These major VPN providers leaked data of millions of users