Best Cloud VPNs for Business in 2020 (includes Reviews!)

A cloud VPN (also known as virtual private network as a service (VPNaas) or hosted VPN) is a new type of VPN technology that’s specifically designed for the cloud. Until recently, when a company’s employees were working outside the office, they would generally use a remote access virtual private network, or VPN, to securely access any Privacy Policy | CloudVPN How you utilize VPN connection. (We do not see the applications, service or websites you use personally while connected to our Service nor do we store them). Original IP address; 2. DATA WE COLLECT. As an internet privacy & security service provider, we make sure your privacy is our primary concern, and we will be 100% transparent with our users. What is a cloud virtual private network (VPN)?

A VPN is mostly meant to permit a user, an internet connection, over a server, run by an enterprise. As most of the data or information on the server is encrypted for privacy, a cloud VPN software can provide a secure access over the internet for using the private network through the virtual environment.

VPN Use in the Age of Fumbled Data Privacy | OpenVPN The brush with compromised data privacy seems to have scared them into safe practices — many are now extremely cautious about their privacy and VPN activity, and they’re also apprehensive of other tech companies’ intentions. 64% now use a paid VPN. 70% now use a VPN …

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