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Feb 06, 2019 Jul 25, 2012 · Though a site-to-site VPN is by far the easiest way to join, it can be done using a Windows VPN client, which will be discussed further on in this article. The primary problem encountered when joining the domain is DNS, but this is easily dealt with. Joining the domain using a site-to-site VPN Jan 18, 2012 · Keep in mind, there is a chicken and the egg thing going on here with initially joining a machine over a VPN and logging on, and allowing the new domain account profile to initialize. Therefore, the one main thing, of course, is the client VPN connection must be established prior to adding it to the domain. I have a Cisco ASA 5505 using Cisco anyconnect as it's VPN client. I am trying to joing a computer to the domain via VPN. I have the annyconnect client set up so that it will download on to the client computer and say on there, it will also start up before login. The problem is when I try to join th

Jul 25, 2012

I was recently faced with the need to join a VM to a customer’s domain, but I didn’t want to travel there, so I tried the approach below, and it worked. Hopefully it can help someone else as well. Here’s how: Establish a VPN connection with the destination network. I used the built in Microsoft VPN client, but any VPN client should work. Login as local administrator. Create PPTP network, connect to VPN and join domain. Reboot. Login as local admin. Connect to VPN using domain account with dial-up access in AD. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select switch user. This will keep you connected to VPN and allow new account to cache on PC. After the setup has finished, go to the Properties of this connection and check the ‘include Windows login domain’ in the tab Options. Establish a VPN connection with domain admin credentials from the PC. Right click My Computer, Properties, and click on Change settings in the middle for domain/Workgroups. Click on the Network ID button here. LastPass. Related Articles little configuration to allow you to extend your domain over the VPN. routing information to allow the network users to

Feb 04, 2010 · With Windows 7 once a user account is setup as a domain their are no VPN connections available. If I set windows 7 to be used as workgroup login accounts, VPN works fine. But when I setup my windows 7 login accounts to join a domain, I then can not make any vpn connections work. I can't even find them once they are created.

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