Secure APIs using client certificate authentication in API

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In the two-way certification, we generally use the way self-signed to generate the certificate of the server and client, so this article will take the self-signed certificate as an example. Generally speaking, we need a digital certificate to ensure the strong certification of TLS communication.

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You should be able to download from your provider all the certificates that form the chain of trust from you signed certificate up to the signing Certificate Authority. Then use openssl verify using those certs. Check both the -CAfile and the -CApath options of the verify(1) command to learn how. Checking Self-Signed Certificate: You can check in browser by clicking red cross or use SSL checker tool that will reveal the details of the certificate. For example, In Chrome, you can press F12 >> Click on to view Certificate. In Firefox, you can click on padlock in browser and check the status of a certificate. 2 Using the fingerprint is probably the easiest way to verify a self-signed certificate which is in your own control. When using SSL_fingerprintit will not care about any other kind of validations, i.e. not check the name, revocation, expiration etc anymore - so if you want to have checks for this too you should not use SSL_fingerprint.