Google Chromecast - all you ever need for your streaming needs! Works on Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS Flexible cable for any TV setup

Watch movies, shows, live TV, YouTube and photos streaming on your TV from all your family’s devices. Plug Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and to power and stream your favorite entertainment right from your phone with just a tap. Jun 26, 2020 · Stadia already works with the Chromecast Ultra, but it would likely benefit from a modern hardware platform like the ADT-3 offers, complete with a fast processor and an HDMI 2.1 output. Connect and stream content to hardware devices like Apple TV and Chromecast. AirParrot also works great with software receivers like Reflector. Mirror audio around the house to AirPlay-enabled speakers. Regardless of budget or preference, AirParrot works with the devices found in most homes, schools and businesses. While you can use Chromecast Ultra with your TV regardless of its smart capability as long as it has an HDMI port, iOS devices don't support screen mirroring feature via Chromecast Ultra. It is currently only available with Android devices, but you can use all the cast-enabled apps on your iOS device to cast to your TV over Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast enabled apps let you stream movies, music and videos to your TV from your Pixel phone, Google Home, Pixel Slate or other device.

" Screen quality is good, works great with chromecast.The wife wanted a tv for the kitchen and saw this one and brought it.For a small tv it has a very good picture plus the fact it was easy to setup digital antenna to watch local tv and hook a Roku stick to" "Screen quality is good, works great with chromecast." See all customer reviews Jul 24, 2013 · The chromecast only accepts the nVidia high definition audio (displayport/hdmi) for sound, which works fine when casting. However I now cannot hear at the PC through my USB Logitech G433 headset. I would like to hear through my headphones and stream the audio with the video. Power off the tv and disconnect both power and hdmi from the chromecast. Wait 5 minutes, reconnect hdmi, then plug the chromecast power back in (using the wall power outlet only, not the tv usb) power the tv on, and make sure the tv is set to the right input to match where the chrome is connected (hdmi1, hdmi2, etc)

So how it works you connect your laptop to the hotel wifi then login normally. Then you launch the connectify hotspot and connect your phone and chromecast to that hotspot. So how it works is that all traffic from the chromecast and your phone will be going through your laptop.

Feb 19, 2020 · However all content streaming is happening directly from the internet through the Chromecast device, and to the TV. You can see this in action by launching a video through your Chromecast and then turning off your phone or laptop. The Chromecast will continue streaming the video, regardless. How To Set Up a Chromecast