Nov 01, 2013

RFC 8357 - Generalized UDP Source Port for DHCP Relay They also define both the server- and client-side port numbers. The IPv4 server port is UDP number (67) and the client port is UDP number (68); for IPv6, the server port is (547) and the client port is (546). The fixed UDP port combinations for the DHCP protocol scheme creates challenges in certain DHCP … windows port number – If you are a windows administrator then you have to know the port numbers for the windows services like port number for DNS, DHCP, and LDAP and so on…. I have received several queries regarding the port numbers for different services, port numbers for ADS (Active Directory Services), Exchanges and Windows, here I have given the consolidated

UDP 500, UDP 4500, UDP 1701, ESP 50 Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

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Jan 29, 2016

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