How to Get Internet Without Cable or Phone

I know there has to be a way to connect to the internet at high speeds without an ISP. How do I do this; or, how does AT&T and Comcast do this. How to Use the Internet Without an ISP | Synonym Internet Service Providers give you access to the Internet, typically at a monthly cost. You don’t have to pay for these services, however, if you take advantage of many of the free Internet ELI5: How can I connect to the Internet without an ISP

Your ISP is dirrectly connected to other ISPs and networks & is responsible for the web traffic between them. In order for you to connect to the internet, you are going to have to connect to some other network, and if that network is not an ISP, than it is connected to an ISP.

How to Bypass Internet Throttling - Easy Workaround to Hence, with a VPN, an ISP should never be able to throttle your traffic. Unless, of course, they limit everything coming from your IP address.And if that ever happens (except for legitimate network management purposes), finding a better internet provider might be in order. IoT without Internet… how does it affect its functionality Feb 22, 2019

ISPs let you connect to the Internet in a variety of ways. The slowest ISPs require a dialup modem and an ordinary phone line. Faster still are broadband connections: special DSL or ISDN lines provided by some phone companies, and the even faster cable modems, supplied by your cable television company.

How to become my own ISP and connect directly to the