Apr 15, 2014

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Sep 22, 2013

PlayClaw has support for Teamspeak 3 overlays. There are two types of these overlays (since build #5000): voice chat and text chat. There is one additional element which connects Teamspeak 3 client and PlayClaw overlay - a client plugin. You will need to copy the plugin file to an appropriate folder and activate it in Teamspeak 3 client. TeamSpeak 3 In Game Overlay - TeamSpeak Aug 18, 2010

Teamspeak - The Air Tactical Assault Group

Teamspeak 3 overlay not displaying in game. Need help. Title says it all. I had to reinstall my harddrive, and now I cannot get the teamspeak overlay to show up in game. Is there an option / setting that may help? I am new to TS, so something basic may be the issue. it is the latest version of the overlay. Teamspeak 3 Overlay - Setting up TS3 ingame overlay plugin Mar 16, 2018 PlayClaw 6 overlay - myTeamSpeak Mar 20, 2018 TeamSpeak 3 Studio Plugin | OBS Forums